The Endgame Keyboard

That waiting game

This is why I hate buying custom keyboards. It just takes too long. Not only do you need to find the stuff you want, and buy them when they’re available. You then have to wait a long time for delivery. I’m currently waiting for a pack of PCB:s. They’ve been on their way since late May. But there’s not a lot I can do about that. Except keep on working on other parts of the project.

Rendering. PCB, switch plate, MX switches with LED:s. Just a possibility.

I’ve gone back to CAD in Fusion 360. Models are taking shape. I’ve even had the time to render a sub assembly with MX switches. These are LED-fitted, mostly because that’s the way I found them on GrabCAD. I’m not sure I’ll do that. My keyboards are mainly intended for (adults) writers. The demand for light effects are greater on mechanical gaming boards.

On the other hand. If I’m to build the best mod-able PCB around, I don’t think I can limit it too much. If I can add the possibility of LED:s I probably should do that. Even though it’s not for me (a most irrelevant argument). Also, why wouldn’t a gamer buy the Endgame keyboard? If you like the layout, why not?

GrabCAD is a great resource. I’ve fetched parts for mock-ups from there. Switches, keycaps, stuff I won’t be making myself. I’ve even found a couple of popular keyboard cases which is great for making my PCB:s fit other cases than my own.

Mechanical gaming keyboard

In fact. It would be fun making a gamer keyboard. A lot of switches for macros and big bevels for adornment. (Since I’m going to work in wood, why not make a case that reeks of fantasy RPG?) I suddenly have twelve different ideas.

I have time to elaborate on my ideas right now. While waiting for the PCB:s there’s really not a lot else to do. Maybe sharpening my multi meter? So I’ll go back into Fusion 360 and see what my ideas look like on screen.


  • It’s important that I’ll be able to ship stuff immediately. Not waiting for parts is one of the best selling arguments I can have.
  • Shipping “locally” doesn’t take as long as shipping from far away continents.
  • I should be open for new ideas, like gaming keyboards, LED lighting and whatnot.

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