The Endgame Keyboard

For typists

How many hours a day do you spend typing? The profession of typist isn’t very common today, in stead we all spend our days tapping away at keyboards.

We’re all typists

I’m a musician and I practice my instrument for hours every day. I’m very particular as to what instrument I’m playing. For some reason, this doesn’t seem to apply to people writing for hours a day using computer keyboards.

We need to change this. For the benefit of everyone typing, coding or just simply using computers. Meaning… Everybody.


On this site we will explore the possibilities of making custom keyboards, for the enthusiasts, or the heavy users. Specialized to cater to the Nordic, or even the European markets.

I mean to publish the process of developing a highly customizable keyboard. Things I consider, in order of priority, are quality, usability, portability, style and overall user experience.

If you would like an extremely nice typing experience, or if you need parts to build your own keyboard, just hang tight, consider subscribing, and stay up to date with the progress we will be making.