The Endgame Keyboard

It’s your keyboard

Endgame keyboards are aiming at providing keyboard cases, PCB:s, kits and sundries for you keyboard enthusiasts. There will be a base line of cases, plates and so forth, but also the possibility for you to order bespoke parts and components. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and shall try to accommodate for European buyers that so far have a difficult time getting into custom mechanical keyboards.

We’re just starting up, and might possibly be ready for our first deliveries this fall. Probably later. In the meantime…

Your suggestions

We’d love to know what your endgame keyboard looks like. If you already have it, send us an email and we’ll display it on these pages. If not, but you know what you want, send us your suggestion and we’ll see if it can be done. That might even be sooner than our first base line products.

Eventually we’ll have a contact page, but for right now, just post a comment and we’ll get right back to you.

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