The Endgame Keyboard

What is an Endgame Keyboard?

Among enthusiast of mechanical keyboards, an endgame keyboard is the perfect keyboard. That would mean different things to different people. For some it’s the perfect colour keycaps on the nicest case they can find, for others it’s the best switches (modded, probably) and the coolest LED lights you can find.

The idea is that the keyboard, as most everything else, can be made to express something of yourself. Your creativity, efficiency, professionalism or just plain swag.

Very elusive

It’s hard to find the perfect keyboard. There are so many variables that you simply can’t try them all. Just all those switches, to begin with. And then keycaps. Literally an endless number of variations. And most of this stuff is pretty expensive, and downright hard to get a hold of.

So where do you start? You will need a case (chassis and a top plate) to build on. You need some switches, only the very best is proper. Then you either need a PCB, or some cables, diodes and a control unit that you hand solder together. And finally, to crown it all of, the keycaps of your dreams.

You’ll do that once, and then you’ll find something to improve on, and make your next board. It’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for right away. And so you’ll try over and over again until you find the perfect iteration of all these components. But don’t worry, you can reuse the things that already work. Just disassemble your old keyboard and replace what needs replacing.

There’s some work involved, but it’s rather fun.

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