The Endgame Keyboard

A waiting game

I’m still waiting for some of the parts needed to make my first few prototypes. I need a couple of switch plates, they should be ready for delivery in week 9 (of 2019). I also need a couple of control boards, some cable and a few diodes (now that I write that, I realize I need more diodes than I’ve ordered…). Except for the switch plates (and 70-odd diodes) everything is in the mail.

First project

My first project will be to make a Soarer’s Converter for my Leading Edge DC-2014. I don’t want to brake that up for parts until I know if it works. I wont be using it, but if it works I’ll probably sell it on.

For a Soarer’s I will need a Teensy, and that is in the mail, I should be good to go in a couple of days. I will also try to post a YouTube video of that build, setting up some good lighting in the meantime.

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